How do I relax? I asked myself this question on Saturday morning. The week was busy. Late nights at work with graduation activities. End of the year paperwork. Then getting my son registered for summer camp and all involved in that.

I was tired, but my mind keeps generating ideas and projects to work on. Even on Saturday at 4:30am. Relaxing has to be an intentional act, or it just won’t happen.

In the morning I went to the Cow’s End a coffee shop near the beach in Los Angeles the place is a cash-only business. This is becoming more and rarer these days. I ordered a large vanilla nut with room for cream and headed upstairs. Once seated, I opened my journal and began to write in between sips of coffee.

Journaling is a great way to detox the mind and realign. After completing my coffee, I headed out to the beach. It is nice to walk along the sand and stare into the ocean, watching the surfers. One new habit is listening to the waves. I took some books back to the library and checked out some new ones. As I hear, I just allow my mind to rest. Later that day, my son and I went to see the Secret Life of Pet’s 2. At night I spent time listening to music and coloring.

My wife and I were scheduled to speak in church on Sunday, so we practiced what we were going to share, and then on Sunday, our sharing went great. It is refreshing to be able to share together, and the minister who introduced us, about made me cry as he shared about my wife and I and the friendship that we shared with him and his wife.

A busy weekend is still a relaxing weekend. Even as I prepare for the week ahead of me, I think to myself, I am looking forward to going to work on Monday.

I feel for me, that busy is my default way to move through the world. It is uncomfortable to sit still. I am not upset about it. I enjoy the activity.

I look forward to Saturday, but I don’t dread Monday’s. I have a lot of stress, but the joy of having pressure is all the beautiful outlets available to me to manage it. Each day brings worries about money, bills, parenting, what I hear on the news about the state of the world, and my own health concerns. Yet each day also brings sunrises, cool breezes, audiobooks, music, relationships, and new experiences. I can’t eliminate the outside world. I can work on my own internal temperature. The world isn’t either or. It is both / and.

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