On Saturday, I sat down to record my first podcast of 2019. I have spent the last few months working on my new job, creating content for my blog, and researching and writing episodes for my podcast. Saturday was my day to record and post new content.

I was all set, and my cord to my microphone broke. No need to panic! Amazon to the rescue. For a mere five dollars and 99 cents, a new cable was on the way!

My goal was to have my episode up before my bi-weekly accountability group met. No sweat. No panic. No blood on the floor. It would just have to wait !

I am proud of my podcast. The Steven Thompson Experience is a product that came out of the Altmba that I completed in the summer of 2017. I currently have 81 episodes of the show finished. I want to share with you some the fruit that was borne from my podcast. Hopefully, it can help you get unstuck or keep you moving forward.

My podcast has given me new friends, around the world.- I have been meeting every other Sat at 12pm pst with a group of podcasters, we meet through zoom, and every meeting we hear from a presenter as we discuss our craft.

My podcast gives me a project that I own and call all the shots. At work people give me assignments, I have a boss, I have deadlines, I have time to arrive, a time to leave, and an office to go to. My podcast, I do it my way. I listen to feedback, I make changes, but in the end, what I do comes from me.

My podcast was instrumental in me getting my current job. Currently, I serve as A director of curriculum and instruction at a school for at-risk kids with special needs. I enjoy each day that I work there. After that my fourth interview was with the two other directors who had been working together for over a decade. After they hired me, they told me they listened to my podcast, and that played a crucial role in them learning about me.

My podcast challenged me- In October- I made up a term call podtober, I created and released a podcast every day during October- 31 days. 31 podcasts.

About my podcast- My podcast is created around things I enjoy- Music, History, Theology.

The format is simple- I pick a song by an artist I enjoy, and I build a podcast around it. I don’t interview people. It’s just me talking into a microphone.

I am the producer, the sound engineer, I write all the shows. I run my website, and my social media accounts. I market it . I love it. I have a Blue Yeti microphone that I purchased with the money I won playing fantasy football. I host it on podbean which sends it out to all the popular podcasting formats. I record each show on a ten year old macbook using quick-time. Today I recorded episode 82. I work a full time job, I am a dad, and a husband. I live in Los Angeles. I say this in hopes that you will see what you do as constraints and not obstacles. Your career is you love it or if you hate , doesn’t matter. You have an opportunity to bring your talents, gifts, and full self to everything you do. Every day. Your dreams, and goals you can pursue them if it is for five minutes or five hours a day.

My cord just arrived just in time for me to record and publish my first episode of the year- It is called Freedom based on the song Freedom by Beyonce. Have a listen. Then check out some of the shows from last year. I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, tell a friend. Also, do this for me. What are you working on? If you have stopped, just start again. If you are working, share it with a friend. Then go back and continue to work. That is how a community is built, and a community of people using there gifts and talents, not perfectly but consistently can create a positive change in our world.

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