How are you doing?

“ How was your weekend?” “ How are you doing ?” “ What do you do ?” These are questions that I ask frequently, and they are also questions that people ask of me. I usually answer the questions with one word. My weekend -I say okay, How am I doing? Fine or good is the response. As for what I do. 99.9 percent of the time the answer is centered around my occupation.

Those answers in my mind are like religious doctrine. The inner urge prompts me to respond the same, each time and not stray from the safe path. But why?

I began to reflect. Excellent, Good, or where I work, why do I respond this way to people. Why do people react to me in the same way?

So why not change. I started to answer with more detail. The weekend was beautiful, I went to see a movie with my son, I went to the library. Or I am a bit stressed, my family is leaving on a trip.

Have you ever answered with my weekend was terrible or I am feeling terrible? Have you ever told people who asked what you did, with a non- occupation-related response? Instead of I am in XYZ profession, have you ever said, I read comic books and put the cream and sugar in the coffee cup before I pour the coffee?

I am curious? What are some of the different ways possible to answer those questions, and why do we hold back more specific answers? What answer has the chance to build a connection?

I would enjoy hearing from people who are reading – Do you give one-word answers to common questions, or do you give more specific answers? What are other items that we can ask people to build a connection? To be generous? To show empathy? Let me know in the comments.

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