Have you ever measured your internal mood and compared it to your external activities? I did and found myself out of alignment. Externally I work towards my goals, work hard, and generally finish what I start. Internally I find myself angry and anxious most of the time. To align them, I committed to working from a place of joy and peace rather than anger or anxiousness. Here is how it is going to play out.

We are having an end of the summer potluck at work this week. I offered to DJ. I used to DJ when I was in college. I went around and began to ask staff members what songs they wanted to be played, and I began to build a list on Spotify.

I built a list of 100 songs, and then I got curious. I wonder if data and science can speak to dance music? I did a simple google search on dance music and science, and sure enough, I found this article- The 20 Most Danceable Songs Picked by Scientists. So I then made a separate playlist of these 20 songs and will play them at the event and see what happens.

Also, I discovered that MIT ran a study and houses all the information inside of a website called Echonest. The company was founded by two Ph.D.’s, and they are a music intelligence company. So I decided that I would do the next season of my podcast around some of the songs on the list. The list is a perfect fit. My podcast is built around music, history, spirituality, and leadership. Currently, I have 82 episodes, and this year, the goal is to reach 100 by the end of the year. There are 23 weeks left in 2019. So doing 20 shows will allow me to hit my goal. So the next 20 weeks of this blog will be devoted to my podcast The Steven Thompson Experience.

Episode 83- It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me by Billy Joel will be released next Saturday. Here is a challenge for the week- What goals did you set in January? If you are still working on them, keep going, if you stopped, start again. If you don’t want to pursue those goals, set new ones, you have nothing to lose. Doing my podcast is one way I am resetting my internal mood. I am telling myself a new story; I podcast because I enjoy listening to music, and reading about history, and speaking publically. Hopefully, along the way, my words will encourage others. Take some time this week to measure your internal condition and your external behavior.

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