Many people begin new projects. Blogs, podcasts, workout programs, diets, classes, businesses, the list goes on and on. In the beginning, it is fun, exciting. Then something happens and for reasons, or excuses the same people stop the same projects that they began in the first place.

I can’t lie. I have done it as well. I have paid for classes that I haven’t finished, purchased gym memberships that I never used started, and stopped healthy eating programs. I once went vegetarian for a year after I lost a bet with my debate partner in college. Last year I went vegan for six months.

Why do we quit what we start? I have no idea. Why did I stop my projects? No clue. I have journaled, meditated, talked to people, been to counseling, took more classes, read books, but I still don’t have an answer.

So what did I do? I started more projects. Yet this time, it has been different. I have been blogging on this site consistently for over a year, and I give credit to the writing group that I belong to.

I also have another project that I started a few years back. A podcast. I actually had two starts at a podcast, each one lasted five episodes. Then they died out. Two years ago, after completing Altmba, I met some other podcasters, and for the past year and a half coming up on two years, we have been meeting every other Saturday over zoom to discuss all things podcasting. What was different? I started again, but this time I worked in a community.

As usual in my life, I am the person in the group who goes left while everyone else is going right. All the other podcasters in the group do interview shows. I do a solo show, no interviews. Just Steven and a microphone. A nice microphone. A blue yeti.

I purchased it with the money I won playing fantasy football. Also, everyone in the group has a newsletter and works hard to build an email list. They also write ebooks and sell consulting services. I don’t have an email list. I don’t track my downloads. I don’t have an ebook, I don’t have anything to sell. People tell me all the time I need these things. They are probably right.

Yet I work a full-time job as a school administrator, I am a husband and a Father. I have room for one more responsibility, and the job is talking into the microphone each week. Marketing my podcast is another job. Now in most classes, they tell you to outsource and hire people to do this stuff. This would be cool as well, but my disposable income goes to summer camp, sports leagues, charitable donations, and debt.

These are just the constraints I work under.

This past Friday I recorded an upload Episode 83. It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me. I discussed the concept of Shoshin, Ann Sullivan, Helen Keller, Teaching Certifications, and the Billy Joel song. It’s Still Rock and Roll to me. My next goal is to make it to 100 episodes. That is all I have time for. Perhaps next year, I can work on an email list, a web page, consulting services, and high downloads. But for now. It is Steven speaking into a microphone. My words of advice. Look at your projects you have stopped, you had good reasons for starting them, you don’t need permission to begin again. Just start again. Find a group of people to work with, not in competition with each other, but in support of each other. Then just show up and do the work.

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