Funkytown #84

Recently a member of the podcast mastermind I am a part of shared an article from the New York Times entitled- Have we hit Peak Podcast? As I read the article, I found myself becoming irritated.

 The irritation came from comments inside the article from people who were expecting to produce a few shows, and go viral. The next anger came from a College Professor who said- “Being a podcast host plays into people’s self-importance.”

 Reading a statement like that makes me want to curse. I also am taking it personally. Advice books say you don’t take things personally. I am breaking that rule. I am taking it personally. The Profesor made a definite statement. The statement did not have lines of demarcation or delineation. So no, being a podcast host doesn’t play into my sense of self-importance; in fact, what does a statement like the even mean?

What if I granted out your argument and at some subconscious Freudian level I am podcasting out of self-importance, what is your advice to me? Quit podcasting?

Are we supposed to receive this as a positive or a negative? How about people who do podcasts are trying to be creative, and share their gifts with the world? How about people who do podcasts are trying to build a community? How about people who do podcasts are trying to grow a business? Or tell a story? To me, this is an example of esoteric banter. Which are misplaced assumptions, that does nothing in regards to opening up possibilities for learning?

   So in honor of my self-importance, I recorded Episode 84 of The Steven Thompson Experience. This week I talk about Kinesiology, Funkytown by the Lipps, Elijah Lovejoy, and exploring the concept of movement in our life. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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