Boogie Fever #85

A fever is defined as when your body temperature rises above the average temperature of 98.7. A fever isn’t a disease, it is your body defending itself against sickness. The elevated temperature is your body doing battle against a virus, most common is the flu. 

 There is another definition of fever- the excitement felt by a group of people about a particular public event.

When I was in college I worked at Mcdonalds. The job helped me to pay the bills. I remember my first day. I learned how to make fries and work the register, after a year I worked my way into management.

To this day, I consider the training I received at Mcdonalds as exceptional and essential at developing my leadership style. I will always be thankful for the time I worked there the relationships I made and the experience I obtained.

An example of fever- that I was recalling recently was the excitement people over happy meal toys, specifically Beanie Babies. In the mid 90’s Beanie Babies were a popular toy. When we released the toys, people would flood our stores to get the latest editions.

I witnessed some interesting behavior. People would offer me bribes to go to the back and check for toys not released. Employees would break into the boxes after they came off the truck and hide them, so they could purchase them before the general public. People would come in and order multiple happy meals, and throw the food away, only to keep the toys.

 Why were people in such a feverish state about some odd-looking toys? Yes, some were collectors. Others gave them as gifts. Some children opened them in the store and played with them. The people who were throwing away food, and calling into the store and arguing with me, because I wouldn’t open a box early, they saw Happy Meal Toys as a way to get rich.

I heard many a person say they were going to sell the beanie babies in the future to pay off debt, to help kids go to college, and put down payments on homes.

Fast forward 20 some years, I went to eBay and did a search for Mcdonalds Happy Meals, sadly the prices for mint condition still in the wrapper Happy Meal Toys are going between one and three dollars.

 Too many times we waste our best efforts and gifts attempting to find fast wealth. Fast wealth is not the same thing as sustainable wealth that carries you throughout your life.

 In the article “ Have we hit Peak Podcast, two friends discuss how they started a podcast, and they expected it to go viral, to their shock it didn’t. So after six episodes, they quit.

 Another article said that of 540,000 podcasts on Apple Podcasts only 20% release new episodes, and the average life of a podcast is about five or six episodes.

 You have to ask yourself – what business are you in? If you are in the podcasting business and enjoy it, then you don’t have the expectation that you will go viral in six episodes.

You will continue to make them. Yet if you see podcasting as a way to grow your brand, and build wealth quickly, then you are in the money-making business, and frankly, you are trying to use your podcast as a lottery ticket.

It isn’t. I am not being ant-podcasting, I am being anti- You can get wealthy and achieve your dreams in 6 to 9 months. There are too many people out there claiming to get people wealth quickly, the only person building wealth is the person taking the money.

So if you podcast, write, or are building a side hustle, don’t get discouraged if it is taking a long time to generate a sustainable income or any income at all. Keep working, keep making it, keep contributing.

This week The Steven Thompson Experience is called Boogie Fever. If you have a chance check it out, I think you will enjoy it.

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